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Jiangmen Pu tape purpose

Pu, or polyurethane, or polyurethane for short. It has a molecular structure called macromolecule, which is made up of a mixture of isocyanate and hydroxyl groups. The PU material characteristic is very obvious, this also is the key which achieves the vast shopping mall. In the home decoration profession, generally uses in the Living Room Sofa and so on epidermis manufacture. Pu also known as reclaimed leather, reclaimed leather. It is characterized by light weight, wear-resistant non-slip, cold-resistant, chemical resistance, but expensive, easy to tear, poor mechanical strength, poor tear strength. LESS PU color. The primary color is black or Brown. Soft Texture, suitable for doing leisure bags or furniture skin, the price is not high, easy to decolorize.


Pu Fabric is a simulated leather fabric, which is composed of man-made materials, has a texture, is very strong and durable, and the price is low. People often say PU leather is a leather, such as PVC leather, Italian bran paper, such as recycled leather. The manufacturing process is a little more complicated, because Pu bottom cloth tensile strength is good, in addition to can be coated on the bottom cloth, can also cover the bottom cloth, so that the appearance of the bottom cloth can not be seen. On the characteristics of Pu materials, the first can be reflected in the following points: 1, good physical properties, bending resistance, good flexibility, tensile strength, with permeability. The pattern of Pu fabric is hot-pressed on the surface of semi-finished leather with a pattern paper, and then the paper leather is separated and treated after cooling down. 2. High Air Permeability, temperature permeability can reach 8000-14000G/24h/cm2, high peel strength, high water pressure resistance, which is the ideal material for the surface and bottom layer of waterproof and breathable clothing. 3. High Price, the price of some special PU fabrics is 2 ~ 3 times higher than that of PVC fabrics. Generally, the pattern paper for PU fabric can only be used as 4-15 times, and the application period of pattern roller is long, so the cost of Pu Leather is higher than that of PVC leather.

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